The band has started the 2016 year and once again changes are seen within the band. The farewell of two fine young bandsmen is something that is bitter sweet for us all at North York Temple. We are sad to see them leave but happy to see new opportunities on the horizon for these talented Christian musicians.
Lily Kang will be starting medical school in Melbourne, Australia at the end of January. Lily who came up through the YP music sections at North York joined the band on horn in 2002. She has been a strong consistent member of both the cornet section and recently principal horn.
Brindley Venables has recently accepted a new job as the Divisional Youth & Music Coordinator for the Salvation Army in Rockland County, New York. Brindley also joined the band in 2002 and quickly became one of the brightest cornet players in the Salvation Army. The band won’t only miss Brindley for his playing, but also his recording engineer abilities. We’ve been fortunate enough over the past few years to use his skills in this regard to capture live and studio recordings of the band.
Aside from the high musicianship the band is losing, the strong spiritual witness and support these two have is inspiring. They will be missed in all facets of this ministry and we pray the Lords blessing on them as they head off. We look forward to seeing great things from both in the coming days.

The band is well underway for its 2015-16 season. This year, the band will take part in annual long standing concerts, as well as taking on new venues locally. This is in an effort to reach new listeners that may hear the band’s ministry.
As is often the case at the start of a new season, changes are seen within the band. Most notably is the farewell of 10 plus years bandsmen Peter Chang, who moved to Seattle USA, this past May for a new job. Peter is now soldiering at Seattle Temple where he is taking part in the ministry of the band (on a variety of instruments we are told. Some things never change Peter). We continue to miss and pray for all that we have said goodbye to this season.
Be sure to check back for concert information as it released.
Remember you are welcome at North York Temple every Sunday at 11:00am for our morning worship service. And you can hear the band rehearse Thursday’s at 7:45.

Peter Chang conducting NYTB through Eric Ball's Sound out the Proclamation on March 26, 2015. -

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